There Was / There Were

“There was” and There were” are used to express existence and quantity in the past tense. We are going to use “There was” in singular and “There were” in plural.


There was a woman in the park.

There were many people injured.



There wasn’t a stadium in this city.

There weren’t two police officers outside the bank.


Was there a party in your house yesterday?
Yes, there was.
No, there wasn’t.

Were there any children in the flight to Disneyland?
Yes, there were some.
No, there weren’t any.

Some expresses an unknown or unspecified quantity or amount of. We use some in affirmative sentences for both countable and uncountable nouns.
Examples: There were some of my friends in the party. / There was some money on the desk.

Any expresses one, some, or several, as specified, no matter how much or many, what kind or quality. We use any in negative sentences or questions for both countable and uncountable nouns.
Examples: Were there any eggs in the fridge? / There wasn’t any science book at the library.